Hosted Exchange

All the benefits without the drawbacks, fully sync your mail, contacts and calander. No matter where you are!

What is Hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange is an organisational system that is synchronised between devices and people. It includes everything from emails and contacts to notes and tasks. Effectively it encompasses everything that

Benefits of using hosted exchange

Secure Easy access

Emails, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks can be accessed seamlessly using your PC, mobile devices such as iPhone or even from a shared resource such as internet café’s. 
It means you can easily hot desk, work from home or be mobile.

Collaborate with your colleagues and teams.

It’s easy to share a calendar between users, send appointments or share tasks helping collaborative work and planning.

Admin and Backups included

We back up our servers each evening without stopping service.
If you change users then we configure them for you. You have administration access yourself too if you wish.

Safe resilient servers 

Our infrastructure is designed to stay running. Our servers are located in a Leeds datacentre protected by generators, battery backup, air conditioning, fire protection.

Antivirus and AntiSpam

Our hosted exchange servers are protected by world leading AVG antivirus and AntiSpam.


When a business loses communication, it loses the ability to produce and invoice. Andisa’s TheServerCloud is resilient, fast and scaled to suit the number of users on the system.

Hosted Server Uptime


SINCE 27/05/2017, LAST UPDATED 25/06/2018

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What Our Customers Say

  • Our last IT provider just didn't offer the services that you can do! You are doing far more than just break fix!

  • Great news, really appreciate your time and effort getting this resolved. Another silver star for Andisa!

    Kind Regards

    Mark Davies
  • When Andisa suggested installing their Unifi WIfi and Mikrotik managed router solution just because I couldn't watch Netflix, I thought they had over egged it.
    However they came along and did a survey. We needed extra wires to get the signal to the rear of our house. Even then, in one day they connected everything and the solution works just as they said!

    Life is better now that we can all watch TV at the same time. I don't have to stop Rugby because my daughter wants to chat to her friends!

    Steve Cullerton
  • We had customers saying the Hotel WiFi was slow and they couldn't work. It definitely affected our guest experience!

    Andy stayed at the hotel and said that the Unifi system would fix the problem.

    Andisa tested the existing cables and then connected their Mikrotik managed router and Unifi Wifi devices. There was an instant solution.

    Within minutes we had a stream of customers commenting that the WiFi was working. Two weeks on its not gone wrong so far.

    Happy customers mean a happy review for the work. Thank you Andisa

    Bimal, Hotel Manager
  • Out new office doesn't have any wires. Its a brand new office and Andisa suggested we used a Unifi WIFi. Signal is string and everything just works.
    I wish the business centre installed them as standard. Our office reflects on the quality of our clients, so when a prospective employee comes in for an interview it's really important that we look tidy and clean.
    The Unifi WiFi means we can connect printers, laptops and phones without any wires trailing around the office. Our desks are truly floating!
    Well Done Andisa.