Callum Morrison

Callum is self motivated and eager to learn. He just wants to fix it and make sure the customer is happy.

He works from Wales and he designed our phone system to work smoothly with people all around the country.

Callum has recently started his own business that provides Mental First Aid training to businesses. We are really proud of his transition to business owner and are supporting him.

On a monthly basis he still checks all tickets to make sure that we are delivering as we promised, and to see if you have changing needs that mean we have to adapt. That means he makes a real difference because he keeps our offering tuned to your needs!
I’m afraid that clients probably wont speak with him directly but if you want a call, contact our helpdesk who will be happy to arrange a call back from him.

While working for Andisa full time he passed his ITiL Foundation certification, proving that he understands how Support, Projects and customer service all need to work together to give good outcomes.