IT Insight – make sure your IT works for you.

Do you want to make IT work for you and help drive your business forward?

Our Insight Program is a three stage program that will identify the strong and weak points in your IT infrastructure. It gives you the information and opportunity to drive home improvements that ensure your investment is supporting your business.

At the end of the process we will report to your board to explain our findings and to make recommendations about how to improve the network.

We work at all levels by interviewing staff to identify frustrations, a technical audit of the hardware and by getting an insight into your business plan from the board or IT manager.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your IT investment support the aims in your business plan?
  • Do you want to make IT work for you and help drive your business forward?
  • Which devices are critical to your business and what would happen if they went wrong?
  • Are staff telling you the network is slow?
  • Do you know that everything is backed up and that you can recover from disaster?
  • Can the wrong people access your data?
  • Is there an asset list showing how many devices exist and what software is installed?
  • Do you know if you are licensed and compliant?
  • Could a viruses attack your network?
  • What procedures and policies are in place to make sure your staff and getting the most from IT?
  • Do you know how many IT problems have been logged this year, month, week?

If you cant answer all of these easily then our program will definitely give benefit.

Gathering information

We start by meeting with the management team to find out what the IT strategy is for your business and how important you all think it is.
This can be either a board room discussion, or a series of one to one meetings depending on the size of business.

We then extend the process by questioning your staff members and checking that your statements are actually in practice and are truly embedded into daily use.

Sometimes users give conflicting views and this will lead to investigation into a potential problem. This can identify a training need or perhaps a change of process.

Technical review

The process now leads directly to a technical review where we check security, software licensing, vulnerability, asset logging, procedures for logging and resolving IT issues etc.

We check every device by running a software tool and capturing key information. This time is used to check age, performance and capacity of every PC and server.
We will run a network scan to check for hidden equipment, for vulnerabilities and also for general network configuration.

Finally we use our wide experience to spot and predict problems that can’t be measured but experience shows will be there.


At the end of the process we will meet with the board to discuss;

  1. A series of recommendations for what can be done to improve the network , IT systems and procedures.
    This includes technical work, possible training, re allocation of existing equipment etc.
  2. Asset list for all IT hardware.
  3. A comprehensive list of software titles including the quantity installed.
    This helps you make sure you are fully licensed, or can take steps to remove unwanted software.
  4. Recommendations for an on-going IT budget and any equipment you should plan to replace.
  5. A list of critical equipment and any warranties / contracts in place.
  6. A list of all of your IT suppliers with contact details.
  7. Network map showing all equipment with location, network address and user.
  8. Recommendations for IT policies and procedures that are worth implementing.

At the end of the meeting you can use our report to drive improvements through.


Some of the relevant products from our Tool Box

What Our Customers Say

  • Interbuilding link using a pair of Mikrotik SXT.

    Thanks for helping configure the Mikrotiks recently.
    The on site install was simple, we just bolted them on the wall and the link connected.
    I hadn’t expected to get full 100Mb/s through the link but the devices are working fast.
    Thanks again for the help, Michael – Diamond ICT, Newcastle.

  • I’d just like to thank Andisa for not giving up on the problem that we were experiencing with our Sage programme.
    You were able to speak to the technical department at Sage and give them the detailed information which enabled him to resolve many of the problems that we had been experiencing.
    As ever you were courteous and efficient and ensured that we understood what had been done before he left.

    Debbi Bairstow
  • Thanks for all the help since we on boarded with Andisa.
    Your approach means that we understand what’s going on and that we can trust the management of our IT by you guys.
    We can truly focus on servicing our own clients.
    It’s great to be able to trust the IT in the office, thanks for a great job.

  • Just a quick thank you for all the work you and your team have done for us this year.

    With the company changes etc, the aim was to get the IT system being integral to our new working methods and a tidy up of the system so we have better control of our assets. This was not achievable without your help, and looking back at what we set out to achieve I think you have ticked all the boxes.

    Process Combustion
  • Just a quick note to thank you very much in seeing me straight away this morning and for solving the issues with my I-pad.

    As you are aware, the I-pad technology has gone way beyond me at present. Hopefully I will catch up a bit when I have some spare time!!!!

    However MANY THANKS

    Mike Hammond