woman-on-internetToday’s businesses cannot operate without reliable communications. Our email solutions are configured to make sure that systems are reliable and fast.

  • Do you suffer from bouncing emails?
  • Are you receiveing lots of spam?
  • Have clients complained that they cant email you?
  • Travelling staff cant send emails from hotels?
  • Is your web site slow or unresponsive?
  • Are your ISP servers unreliable?
  • Loosing business because of web and email connection?

We have the solution. Our web / email hosting addresses all of these issues.

  • Our servers are protected by Cisco firewalls and include three levels of antivirus and Anti-spam filtering.
  • Low contention - fast servers!
  • Every email and web site domain is monitored automatically. If a web site changes or an email system stops working, our engineers are notified by SMS alert.
  • Our servers are configured to automatically reroute emails if a fault occurs, meaning that we solve issues without the client experiencing any delays.
  • Email from any location with authenticated SMTP.
  • Professional servers that do not get blacklisted!
  • Simple configuration.

    Over a three year period we have managed 99.999% up time and not lost emails!

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