Meet the team

Our team is made up of 3 full time people plus a handful of specialists that work very closeley with us.

Based in our office we have Andy, Jayne and Paolo. Everybody has a technical background, although Jayne tends run the admin. In fact across the 3 people we have nearly 70 years experience!

We also have a web developer , Dave, who works regularly in the office and a team of network / project engineers who provide contract work.

Andy Is MD of Andisa and has a long (too long to remember) experience and knowledge of IT. He is married to Jayne (see the other profile) and has 3 children all at High school age and his passion outside of Andisa is power boating. He owns a boat called Noletta and can be found anywhere between the Channel Charlotte-Gale-Andy-Morrison-WebIslands and Scotland when on holiday.

Q. What do other people say about you?
A. If it's the wife then dont ask. If it's a friend then they say I love to party and never sleep. The truth is that you shouldnt come to one of my parties unless you intend to see the sun come up (and possibly back down again!).

Q. When did you start working with computers?
I can remember the time pre computers! I've got grey hairs to prove my age too.

Q. Why the name Andisa?
. AND as in Andrew and ISA as in Isabel (My wife's middle name).
A2. Because I was frustrated with the quality of IT service given by other providers and want to give my clients more! My only problem is finding employees with the same approach. Nigel is great and if I could clone him then it would be fantastic.

Q. What do you do in your spare time?
What spare time?
A2. Children first but then the boat! were starting a grand tour of Frace over the next few years!
A3. Just ask about our Nepal Project!

jayne-webJayne is Company Secretary and co founder of Andisa. She is responsible for keeping the office running smoothly and also for getting the rest of the team on site on time (not always an easy task but she reckons that she's qualified for the task because shes mother of three Andy clones!)

Q. What's it like working with family?
. Annoying but we get the job done and the clients systems are always working reliably. Andy and Nigel have a real passion to make sure that we have a focus on keeping our clients systems 100%.

Q. What do you do out side of Andisa?
. I'm Tawny Owl for 11th Harrogate Brownies, Treasurer for 15th Harrogate Scouts and sing in the St Paul's Church Choir. It keeps me busy but its great fun.

Q. Wow do you have time for personal hobbies?
I ice cakes to relax, although Andy would say it increases stress when I'm there at midnight the night before a big familly party, still putting the marzipan on.


Paolo has worked for Andisa for 3 years and together with Andy and Connor makes up the technical workforce. Outside of work he loves snowboarding, playing video games and cooking. One day he's hoping to be fit enough to enjoy playing football for real as well as Fifa 2016.

His family run a local Italian restaurant called Louigi's. He has learnt his client skills and patience working as a chef and waiter before starting a career in IT.

Paolo joined Andisa after leaving the 3rd largest nationwide insurance broker where he provided desktop and server support.

Connor is the most recent recruit at Andisa. He previously worked for the local authority and passed his NVQ in IT and telecoms.Connor2

Connor is largely office based but more and more you will see him visiting customers to work on systems.

Outside of work Connor is often on line playing computer games and networking.
He is a keen archer (never stand in front).

I'm sure that over the next few months you will all get a chance to speak to Connor.