secure_online_backupsDo you still backup to tape?

Do you worry about whether your data is safe and who changes the tapes?

Do you realise that your most important asset is your customer data, financial information and stock records?

Start to backup online Andisa Remote Data Backup solutions today!

Most businesses have procedures in place to back up their data and servers every night. Sometimes they will even take a tape home once in a while, just in case. However without a 100 percent secure online back up of your data your business is vulnerable to fire, flood, theft, power cut, a virus outbreak or a technical failure. This would be a disaster, and indeed the DTI state that 70 percent of businesses who suffer a major data loss are out of business within 18 months. Can you take that risk? You can prevent this today by using CCS Leeds Remote Data Backup Service.


How Remote Data Backup Service works:

The Disaster Recovery Backup Service runs a daily (or more regularly if you require) fully automated online back up of your important data and files. After the initial installation of our backup agent on your server(s) and the selection of specific files / folders / disks / email / databases / the full server we create a "seed" backup online of the specified data. If this is a large volume, the "seed" can be completed to a removable disk / tape / other medium which we can import at the datacentre, saving valuable Internet bandwidth. During the seed process we encrypt your files utilising an industry standard mechanism, compress the data and transfer to our resilient NAS boxes located in our datacentres within the UK. All backups are verified upon completion by means of a CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)

Once the initial seed is created, we utilise a snapshot backup process which analyses the files on your server for changes each night and copy only changed data to our backup servers. The backup software then creates a catalogue of this data providing recovery snapshots at any point in time, subject to the data retention policy agreed at the time of inception. We have users who only want a months' worth of data retaining through to one who for compliance reasons, currently has almost seven years of point in time snapshots he can recover to.

Should you need to recover an individual file / folder, a real-time on-line web interface is provided where you can choose from either the most recent version (in the event of an accidental deletion) or a previous version (should you have over-written the file) from any point during which we are completing online backups for you. In the event of a total loss of a server or disk, we can recover volume data to CD or DVD or utilising our custom Disaster Recovery process, a USB Hard Disk, or a standard SATA hard disk which in many cases can be physically insert into your server and booted directly from. If it is in-appropriate to provide a full Disaster Recovery to a disk which you can physically install in the server, we can also provide a Disaster Recovery CD or DVD, which you can boot your server from and a separate hard disk containing your recovered data. Of course in all these scenarios, we are on hand to assist, be that on the end of the telephone, arranging a same day courier to transport your recovery media or physically on your site if required to assist in the process.

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