We have a new service - CAT5, CAT6 or network cabling.
Our team of trained cabling engineers can install CAT5E, CAT6 and also fibre cabling to ensure your network is fast and reliable.
The systems are installed and tested in a clean and professional manner. We are used to working alongside normal office staff and create as little disruption as is possible.

Prices start at £150 for a single point, through to £43.75 per point for multi point CAT5E installations. This will include termination in a wall box or Patch panel at either end of the cable, testing and connection.

Call 01423 290029 for a quote or for more infomation.networkcable


Why buy a phone system when you can rent?

Why install on your wall when you could have it in a computer suite, protected by battery backup and air con.

Why have all that cost?

Our Andisa VoIP hosted phone system means that you just need phones and a broadband line. We will provide the rest - numbers, setup, support and changes. You can have extensions anywhere in teh world as long as they have internet access. That means you can work from a hotel room, have a smartphone as an extension, even have a FAX extension.

Call reporting, voicemail, extensions groups, call centre facilities are all available!

For more details contact us on 01423 290029 and ask for Andy.

VOIP Benefits

  • Lower cost call rates to landlines, mobile networks and international destinations
  •  No need for physical line rental
  •  No hardware maintenance contracts
  •  No on-site hardware so no need for replacement parts
  •  Secure conference room facilities (pin protected)
  •  Low bandwidth usage per call
  •  The ability to record calls
  •  The are many smartphone applications which support extension accounts so no need to buy expensive hardware
  •  Users can log in from anywhere with an internet connection
  •  Online reporting, monitoring and configuration via our portal
  •  Secure registration locked down to IP address or IP range
  •  Customisable billing options for multi tenant sites
Andisa have just started to sponsor Jamie Hirst through an apprenticeship in IT. The scheme means that we have a growing workforce and that Jamie is constantly learning new skills. Importantly the scheme covers customer service and the more emotional skills needed when dealing with clients ans well as technical skills such as Desktop support and Network Plus..

Andy has just completed a training package from QA, the leading IT training company in the UK.

Its suprising what you learn even when your an experienced user of software.

Watch our soon to be FAQ section to see some hints.