Microsoft are giving a free upgrade from Windows 7 until July 2016!




This means you can download and install the update on any machine with Windows 7 installed to start using Windows 10.

However the upgrade can be complicated. It can take several hours to download and occasionally goes wrong if you don’t follow the correct process.

We have downloaded the software to memory sticks and can install on several PCs at once! This makes the upgrade faster, more reliable and reduces the impact on the business.

Having run the upgrade for several clients we are confident;we can upgrade up to 6 PCs in one day!

We are offering our upgrade service for a reduced daily rate of £450. (no call out fee in Yorkshire)

For individual PC upgrades we are charging £130.

Additionally if any PC needs a memory upgrade we are offering to do this at the same time for a fixed price of £29.

Not only that, after ordering we will visit at our cost to perform a “pre survey” to check that the PCs are OK to be upgraded!

The benefits are;

  • Consistent desktop software if all PCs are upgraded
  • Microsoft will continue to send out updates (they have already stopped them for Windows XP).
  • Less problems with Virus’s on Windows 10
  • Latest software will work (many software titles will no longer work on WindowsXP!)
  • Our service means less downtime during the upgrade.

When the offer expires, the Windows 10 upgrade will cost approximately £150 per PC just for the software so upgrading soon is a good thing!

Let me know if it’s something you are interested in!

All prices are excluding VAT

Andy presented at Deerwalk Institute in Katmandu Nepal .


Deerwalk is an American company with an development centre based in Katmandu. Their students work closely with our Nepal project. Andy was proud to be invited to talk during his recent visit. The next step is to investigate how to get Panchamol students to enter the university!


Have a look at our new additional website

The site is dedicated to infomation about our web, email and server hosting.andisa logo.fw

You may also be interested in the cloud backup and cloud phone systems we supply.

By integrating our traditional IT support with our very own cloud services, based in UK data centres, we belive we are unique in our area.

We can offer break fix on site support, remote support and now cloud services for all sizes of business.

We all had great fun at the Royal Armouries on Saturday night. Party on!