Virus protection for your business

AVG Cloudcare is antivirus with a difference. It comes with your very own techie.
If your PC is attacked then we receive and email alert and can solve the problem remotely.

There are no upfront costs because you can pay by the month. Alternatively you can pay each year. Competitive - Cloudcare starts from £3 per PC!

 How does this benefit you?

PPay-as-you-go service
You will only ever pay for the protection you need. There is no minimum number of services you need to purchase. Simply choose your subscription: monthly, yearly, or 24 months.

PTwo Click install
Install from an email link, memory stick or download. Cloudcare will remove your old antivirus product automatically. Network installation is simple because Cloudcare can push updates and installs onto other PCs on your network.

PFree 30-day trial
Try the full versions of our AVG AntiVirus services free for 30 days.

P Scans without distractions
AVG Smart Scanning reduces distractions. Scans run only when your employees are not using their PCs, and switch to low-priority mode while they’re working.

PProactive service
Your employees won’t be distracted because The Andisa support desk receives alerts each time they get a problem. We can then fix the problem, often without them needing to help.





Essential protection for your business

Manage distracting websites with a single click to keep your employees focused on business-related tasks. Stay informed and in control with activity reports sent straight to your inbox.

CloudCare Content Filtering starts from £1.5 per PC per month!

 P Pay-as-you-go service
You will only ever pay for the protection you use. There is no minimum number of services you need to purchase. Simply choose your subscription: monthly, yearly, or 24 months.

 P Free 30-day trial
Try the full versions of AVG Content Filtering services free for 30 days.

 P Automatic website blocking
Automatically blocks sites by category and sorts more than 60 million sites into subgroups for increased granularity.

P Real-time alerts
Andisa IT support desk can stay on top of things by receiving instant email alerts whenever there’s an issue.

P Flexible scheduling
Allow employees to access specific websites at specific times. For example, you can give your employees access to Facebook® during their lunch break, but block access for the rest of their workday.

P Activity reports
Gives you real-time information about employees’ Internet use. Easily view PC names, users, URLs and the number of times someone tried to access a site.





Cloudbased Antispam that protects your system even before SPAM reaches your network!

Nothing is more frustrating than inboxes full of scams and spam, but now there’s a simple and effective fix. AVG AntiSpam is a cloud-based email security service that delivers comprehensive protection against spam, viruses, phishing attacks, and other email-borne threats.

With our monthly payment option, prices for AVG AntiSpam start from £1.25 per Mailbox!

How does this benefit you?

 P Protect your network more efficiently

Ten levels of in-depth, cloud-based protection help keep unwanted or malicious email from ever reaching your network. Outbound email scanning prevents your employees from spreading viruses or inadvertently spamming contacts and getting your IP address blacklisted.

P Block spammers

Choose to block messages from specific individuals or entire countries in order to receive only the emails that are truly important.

P Save time and costs
Because AVG AntiSpam is easy to navigate, change settings, and add devices, you’ll save time.