happy-computer-installationMost people have been through an IT installation or upgrade that has taken twice as long as planned. Most will have experienced the frustration when you realise that data has been lost. 90% of problems could have been foreseen and are often small problems with large effects. If these problems are avoided from the start then frustrations, downtime and cost are reduced.

The Andisa team has been personally involved with over 50 system upgrades and office moves. We have documented and rehearsed procedures in the form of tick lists and instructions to make sure our installations are well planned and repeatable. We use these at every stage of a project from initial meeting, audit, installation and post live documentation. We make sure that the day one configuration does not have any of these nasty niggles that mean users are frustrated. We will give you a system that you are proud to show to your own clients!

CAT5 Cabling

Our team of trained cabling engineers can install CAT5E, CAT6 and also fibre cabling to ensure your network is fast and reliable.
The systems are installed and tested in a clean and professional manner. We are used to working alongside normal office staff and create as little disruption as is possible.

Prices start at £150 for a single point, through to £43.75 per point for multi point CAT5E installations. This will include termination in a wall box or Patch panel at either end of the cable, testing and connection.

Call 01423 290029 for a quote or for more infomation.