Configure your Voicemail

You can configure your voicemail by dialing “999”. Once connected to voicemail, you will be presented with the voicemail auto attendant interface. This feature will then present you with a voice menu system which announces the voicemail options and allows you to dial a key to access and manage those options. The initial options you are presented with are the following:

  • Dial * to play your messages
  • Dial 9 to go to options
  • Dial pound(#) to exit

To configure your voicemail, dial “9”. The following are the options announced by the voicemail system and by dialing their corresponding keys you can access, change and update these features:

  • Dialing “1” allows you to change your profile status.
  • Dialing “3” allows you to dial a number.
  • Dialing “4” allows you to delete all read messages.
  • Dialing “5” allows you change your self-identification message.
  • Dialing “6” allows you to play mailbox information.
  • Dialing “7” allows you change your voicemail PIN number (which will be reflected in 3CX Management Console).
  • Dialing “8” allows you to change your greeting message.
  • Dialing “9” allows you to restart the voice menu’s prompts.

You can add programs to the Windows 8 task bar easily.

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Click Cloudcalling Call Reports to see the cribsheet.

Click  Send a FAX to see the cribsheet.

This happens when you press the CTRL and ALT key together then press an arrow key.

The arrow key decides which way you want the bottom of the screen. IE to put it back press CTRL ALT DownArrow


There are hundres of useful shortcuts provided by Microsoft. The most regularly used ones are:

CTRL C = Copy

CTRL X = Cut

CTRL V = Paste

CTRL Z = Undo

CTRL B = Bold

CTRL U = Underline

CTRL I = Italic

Make sure that you select the text or file that you want to change before pressing the shortcut. To select, simply left click once. If you want to select everything displayed, press CTRL A.


A complete list can be found at www.support.microsoft.com/kb/126449

Are you confused about Microsoft licensing. Most people are. There are many type of license for each product. The following notes aim to explain, but if you need help for a particular example, call us on 01423 290029.

Microsoft Office (and generically all Microsoft producst) are sold in 3 types of license

  • Retail License
    A Retail license can be purchased at any time and is licensed to the owner IE you.
    This means that you can uninstall it from an old PC and move it (not copy it) to a new replacement PC.
    A Retail License costs much more tha the other options.
    In the example of Office Home and Student 2010 , a retail icense can be installed on up to 3 PC's!
  • OEM license
    An OEM license can only be purchased pre installed on a replacement PC.
    It costs much less than a Retail License but can it is licensed to that particular PC. You are not allowed to move it to a replacement PC.
    In the example above, Office Home and Student 2010 , an OEM license can only be installed on one PC!
  • Open license
    An Open license is normally purchased by larger organisations, They report usage annually and pay a per user or device fee. The benefit is that its slightly more flexible when the number of employees may change and you have constant access to the latest version of the software.
    Typically you have to buy at least 5 copies at any one time but have to buy at least 50 to make it cost efective.

If you cant get on the internet, try these simple steps;

  • Turn your router off for 20 seconds
  • Still no internet? reboot the PC.
  • Still no internet? click start, run, cmd ,OK
    Now type ipconfig. Make sure that your ip address is something like 192.168.0.? or 192.168.1.?
    If it doesnt list an IP address then swap the ethernet cable.
  • If it still doesnt work not then try typing ping You should get a reply. If you dont then you really dont have an internet connection and you need to call your provider.
  • If you get a reply, try typing ping www.andisa.net. This should display "Pinging www.andisa.net [] with 32 bytes of data:" If it doesn not then you have a DNS problem, again call your provider.

If this doesnt fix it, try calling ANDISA . We will be able to help.

Best Practices for Confidentiality and Security in emailing

There are a lot more people using email in the world today than in previous years and thus it is considered a very good tool that can be used for easier contact and good communications. We must still remember however that, as well as being a ‘friend’, it can also pose a ‘danger’ through hasty or incorrect use.

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