support_lrgAndisa IT Consultants Ltd has three retainer based offerings to complement internal IT teams.
Our own team are constantly helping other companies with a variety of networks and hardware.
As a result the team is always improving its skills and experience.
We can now offer the following options to assist IT managers and helpdesk teams.

Gold Package as low as £795 pcm


The Gold support option extends beyond the Silver support to include;

  • Up to 1.5 days a month on site fix labour
  • Bi annual visits to check over and update the system with available operating system patches. ( Patches are charged at cost but are normally provided free by Microsoft)
  • 8 hour response for PC faults / network faults, 2 hour response for Server faults
  • 2 week shared loan server
  • Technical / strategic advice
  • Virtual IT manager service where you can ring for advice or help with other suppliers. Many of our clients will call us into the board room once a year to meet with other suppliers and discuss future plans and IT strategies.

Silver Package starting at £369 pcm


The silver support option extends Bronze support to also provide;

    • Up to 8 hours on site per month
    • Up to 6 PCs plus server
    • One point of call for all hardware issues. We will manage calls to manufacturers
    • Email system alerts for backups, system bottlenecks and failures all monitored by Andisa
    • Telephone Support
    • 8 Hour response for PC / 4 hour response for Server faults

Bronze Package starting at £220 pcm 


The Bronze support option provides telephone support for servers only. It includes;

  • Remote Support / fix via Broadband
  • Telephone Support
  • Critical Failure priority
  • Reduced labour rate for on site fix, deployment and system improvement
  • 6 hour response for Server faults
The basic difference between the contracts is as follows:
  • With Bronze support we only support the servers via remote assistance.
  • With Silver Support we provide remote assistance for PCs and servers
  • With Gold there is also an allowance of on site fix time built into the contract each month.
You will note that we charge for parts with these contracts. We reduce our own charges by asking you to pay for the cost of parts if they do go wrong. We provide the labour and expertise to resolve the fault within the contract. We feel this is fairer to the client. We also extend our contracts to cover help on anything server related, IE Antivirus software, Networking equipment and software related issues. The only limit is the time built into the contracts.

Buddy Service
To complement your own IT team.
Designed to complement an existing IT department by providing a widened experience.  The benefit gained by having your own IT team can be massive, especially when they are involved in business reporting. In this role their individual knowledge of your business results in information being provided in a format that suits your business needs and allows you to focus on the tasks in hand.

However it is this very focus of knowledge that can limit an IT team as their knowledge becomes blinkered by the active technology on your network. Andisa can provide consultants that have a wide range of active experience, gained by regular visits to other business's. Having our consultants involved at the start or during a project brings you that "outside experience" that is often hard to find from your own team.